Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentines picHappy Valentine’s day everyone! (Alright, I know this is Ten days too late, but I wanted to document the holiday in my blog adventures)  I hope all of you get to spend this holiday in the company of loved ones whether it be a significant other, your best friend, or even your mom! It always seems like February 14th brings about a divide between those who are in loving relationships waiting for their Valentine’s day surprise and the potentially not as excited individuals who view it as a day for the Hallmark company to gain some extra dough from the mass produced love notes selling like hot cakes. Whether you are one to embrace this holiday with open-arms or just view it as any ordinary day, what I’ve decided for myself is that it doesn’t matter if you are spending it with a significant other or still waiting for cupid’s arrow to strike, as long as you are surrounded by people that you care about, Valentine’s day is simply a time to reinforce how important these people mean to you by spending quality time together. I know this post might be a bit cheesy, but it is nice to let friends, family, and loved one’s know that they’ve impacted your life if a positive way!


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