Seaside Holiday

Brighton HeaderHere is a photograph of the pavilion on this gorgeous sunny day!

Let’s back track a little bit (or maybe A LOT) . . .  When my Mum came to visit me during Spring time in London, we decided to take a little weekend trip to Brighton to explore the coastal city and catch some rays along the beach. It was a quick and relatively inexpensive train ride from the centre of London and since the city is so walkable, finding our hotel was pretty straight forward. Luckily I had my mother with me who has a much better sense of direction, which if you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you’ll know that wasn’t a trait that was passed on to me haha. From our experience, the people in Brighton were very friendly and some even struck up a random conversation with us as we were walking to our hotel. The beach is really lovely on a sunny afternoon; however, if you are used to the sandy beaches of California, you may be surprised to find that the beach is more pebbly than anything. Being a Pacific Northwest girl this didn’t bother me at all because we’re pretty used to the rocky shoreline. After settling into our hotel, we took a stroll down the street lined with cute cafes and shops towards the Brighton pier which had the classic 1800’s seaside style. There were lots of people and luckily, the weather held up so we could enjoy a nice evening walk. I loved how vibrant the beach life was with tourists looking at the different seaside attractions, people on holiday basking in the sun, and street performers entertaining a crowd. IMG_1582IMG_1585IMG_1587IMG_1589We stumbled upon these performers who were great at working the crowd and involving people in their performance. There seemed to always be something going on in the park near the pavilion whether it be street performers busking or a jazz band playing while couples danced around. Speaking of the pavilion, if you can’t already get enough of the unique architecture on the exterior, I would highly recommend taking a step inside the building to just see how gorgeous the interior is! My Mum and I ended up purchasing tickets to walk around the inside and I’m definitely glad we did. It seems like any ordinary building tour at first, but if you are put off by the fact that you have to pay to go inside it’s worth it because you get an audio guide to learn about the history of the building whilst admiring the intricate design. IMG_1596Another photo of the lovely Pavilion.IMG_1591The Brighton Museum next door to the main Pavilion. 

We also stopped by the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, which was free to pop inside, so if you are traveling on a budget this is a great place to stop by for a few minutes! Finding a good place to eat in Brighton was a breeze. The streets were lined with an abundance of charming bakeries and cafes, and since the weather was so nice, we were able to get a glimpse of the food people were enjoying on the outside cafe tables. We settled on a local place to grab some brunch before exploring “The Lanes” a must see when visiting Brighton. IMG_1604My Momma about to enjoy a lovely homemade burger and chips.IMG_1601My eggs florentine, which were absolutely delicious!

The Lanes are basically several narrow streets with different shops selling everything from chocolates, candies, souvenir vintage posters, clothes and much more… They’re almost reminiscent of Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter films to tie in a little U.K. reference. I ended up picking up a poster of the Brighton seaside to frame and put up in my apartment because, let’s be honest can you really ever have enough unique wall decor with a story behind where it came from? I know I can’t haha. Before we knew it, our brief weekend holiday in Brighton was coming to an end. We managed to make a quick pit stop at the corner gelato shop near our hotel before picking up our things and boarding the train back to London. I definitely understand why so many people go to Brighton to get away from the brisk city life for a few days. A relaxing weekend to have some mother daughter bonding time was just what I needed to de-stress before starting another week back at Uni. Hopefully I will make it back to Brighton for another visit in the future, after all it is just a speedy train ride away from the city!

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One thought on “Seaside Holiday

  1. A delightful weekend at the English shore. I only wish we had more time to explore the neighborhoods. I still can’t figure out how a full-sized adult fits into a bowl.

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