Farewell 2013

Happy New Year Color!Alright, I know that this is yet again another photo of the Eiffel Tower, but in light of New Year’s Eve I felt like it was appropriate. 

Happy New Year Everyone! Wow, it is incredible how fast time flies by . . . Looking back on 2013, it is amazing to reflect on the different people I’ve met and become close to, and how much I feel I have grown as an individual. It is interesting how much things can change in the length of a year. Although I have always dreamed of living and studying in a different country, it always seemed like a distant reality and I feel so lucky that I was able to fulfill that goal in my life this year. These past few months living abroad have allowed me to meet so many amazing friends and provided opportunities to explore new ways of life and mature as an individual. This year I was able to ring in the new year with, you guessed it, my cousin! We took a little stroll to the champ-de-mars and got to witness the Eiffel Tower light up when the clock struck twelve (Yes I know that the Eiffel Tower normally does this, but there is something rather special about it on new year’s eve don’t you think?) IMG_0692Crowds of people gathering to watch the Eiffel Tower light up along with fireworks. 

I can’t wait to see the new experiences I’ll have and memories I’ll make during this year and it will be very interesting to do some time traveling back to this year abroad when next year rolls around. Yes, tomorrow will just be another day, but it will be a day to start fresh with the optimistic sense that if I continue to strive for the hopes and dreams I manufacture in my head, I can continue to live a fulfilling and happy life. Thank you for following me on this journey and I wish you all the best in 2014!New Year's Eve Polaroid

Until next time,New blog signature 2


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