Just Your Average Day at the Apple Store


Ever since I saw the Downton Abbey post on Facebook that there was going to be a Q&A with a couple of members of the cast at the Apple store on Regent Street, I have been awaiting the day I would have my brush with the Crawley family, and today was the day! I became addicted to the show a couple of summers ago and couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this! After class, a few of my friends here at Goldsmiths boarded the overground to make our way to central London in hopes of listening to the beautiful Michelle Dockery who plays Lady Mary, and the ever so handsome Allen Leech who plays Tom Branson, give a talk about the show. Ahh if only I could meet a lovely chauffeur like Branson to whisk me away, sorry ladies Mr. Leech is taken, but a girl can dream right? We decided to get to the store pretty early in case there was a massive line to wait in because if we made the trek over to central London we might as well try to get a decent spot to listen to the actors give their talk. When we arrived at the store, we noticed that the sign for the event stated that you had to make a reservation to get a spot for viewing, which was not specified anywhere on the Facebook notification, but being surrounded by laptops we rushed over to the nearest one to try and secure our spots! Unfortunately, when we found the page to register, the event was all full. NOOOOO . . .  was our first reaction. You mean we traveled all this way for nothing? I figured I would just explain our little situation to one of the Apple store employees and see if there was any possibility of getting into the event if people who had made a reservation didn’t show up. I mean the worst that they could say was “no, I’m sorry the event is full” right? So my friend Katelyn and I spoke with a lovely employee who reassured us that we would be able to come back in about an hour to wait in the stand-by line and at least get to stand in the back for the Q&A. In the meantime, the girls and I decided to grab a bite to eat across the street from the store and get in the stand-by line in an hour. Boy, was the store crowded though. We waited in line for nearly a half an hour and managed to edge our way towards the front, but were still pretty far back.IMG_0233

The entire event was being filmed to document the interview and so that fans could watch the Q&A online from the comfort of their home. IMG_0239Here is a camera man setting up before the actors entered the space.

Once Michelle Dockery and Allen Leech took their seats and began the interview and Q&A session, everyone was snapping pictures and trying to stand on top of the tables or squeeze their way to the front for a better view. My friend Michelle, with height on her side, managed to get a nice photo for my personal documentation!IMG_0247It was quite difficult to get a photo that wasn’t a little blurry due to the fact that the crowd and the actors kept shifting around, but this one turned out nice! You can see Allen Leech to the left and Michelle Dockery on the right.

I wanted to stay for the talk, but unfortunately from where we were standing it was really tricky to hear and understand what the actors were saying and we couldn’t actually see them very well (the zoom on my camera is responsible for the close photo) so we decided to head back home because the event was being filmed and is available online to watch. All in all, it was well worth the wait and now we all know how to make reservations for future events held at the Apple store! I can’t wait to watch the full Q&A with such inspiring actors, not to mention a couple of my favorite characters on the show.

Until next time,

Lainey xoxo


2 thoughts on “Just Your Average Day at the Apple Store

  1. SWEET! I’ve read that London is full of events where you can wiggle your way up to get a glimpse of the glitterati, or perhaps in Great Britain there is a sophistication to all those famous folks (not glitterati). Aren’t you going to see Vanessa Redgrave and James Earl Jones soon?

    • I already did! Probably not going to post about that adventure as it was a bit of a disappointment, but it was still neat to witness a couple of legendary actors in action.

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