I’m Back . . .

Why hello there, long time no blog post. Well, I’m finally here in London and it has been quite a busy week. I had my Arcadia University (the program that I’m going through to study abroad) orientation and got to meet and bond with some amazing people who are also studying in the U.K. Upon arrival at Goldsmiths University I had another orientation for international students and one for each of the courses I will be studying whilst here. Getting on to the internet here proved to be one of my first challenges. Apparently the wifi can be quite temperamental with MacBooks which has made posting anything in the past week very tricky. After going to get my internet problems sorted out a couple of times at the IT desk and waiting in line for at least an hour, I finally was able to log on to the system! It just made me realize how dependent I have become on accessing the world wide web to pass the time or get in contact with friends and family, and I’m so grateful for the patience that the tech support has here for dealing with so many frustrated students with internet difficulties. This past weekend I spent some time in Central London with one of my friends to explore the city and be tourists for a day. We took the overground over to London Bridge which took about five minutes to get us into the city, a much quicker train ride than the one we had previously taken when we were still figuring out the overground system from Southeast London. Since we didn’t have specific plans to do anything other than grab a bite to eat in Covent Garden, we were able to soak in the sights at a leisurely pace. I suppose it also helps when you know you’ll be in the area for a few months. Covent Garden had a charming market outside of the main stretch of shops and upscale stores that offered slightly less expensive options for college students with a healthy appetite. We settled on a bowl of seafood paella which was hot, flavorful and very filling! IMG_0914The Paella was served in this wooden dish with a neat wooden fork.

After refueling with a late lunch in Covent Garden, we walked to the National Portrait Gallery and then over to Trafalgar Square to take a look in the National Gallery. One of the many great things about being in London is that practically all of the major museums are free which means you can walk through them without feeling rushed to see all of the exhibits. Sometimes it is relaxing to just wander around a bit and take in the pieces of art. Trafalgar Square attracts quite a few street performers and artists, and while we were walking out of the National Gallery, there were some chalk artists drawing the flags of different countries around the world.IMG_0916It is not the best photo because I took it on my iPhone but you get the idea.

The artwork was an interesting way to see where different people were from because people were putting coins on to the flag of their country. After visiting the museums, we decided to walk down to BFI Southbank to get a cup of coffee and rest our tired feet. It has actually become a regular activity when we take a trip into Central London because the coffee is satisfactory and the beautiful location along the river isn’t so bad either! I will be attempting to post more often now that my internet is up and running but for now . . .

Until next time,

Lainey xoxo


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