Bye Bye Suitcase


Before I embark on this journey of a lifetime, I had to make a pit stop in Chicago to visit my twin separated at birth (okay not really, but we are cousins who share a lot in common including our birth year). It just worked out that a layover flight in Chicago was about as much as a direct flight out of my hometown so I figured why not? I’ve been trying to help my cousin move some of her things out of a storage unit into her new dorm room, which by the way looks like a swanky loft hotel. It’s so spacious compared to what I’m used to! For the first load of apartment decor and school supplies we had to move, we brought a couple of hefty suitcases built for transporting ample amounts of personal goods, or so we thought. . . We arrived at the storage unit hoping to squish as much of her stuff as possible into the two suitcases. I think we managed to do a pretty good job with the packing side, now it was all up to us to haul the massive things back to her dorm about ten blocks away. It all started out okay, she grabbed the duffle and slightly lighter suitcase while I took the four-wheeler. Let’s just put it this way, I think we’re both going to need a deep tissue tricep massage after that trip. Not only was it probably comical to watch a couple of petite girls struggle to push or rather drag along a couple of bags that were nearly our size, but it was hilarious for us. You can’t help but laugh at the fact that every half block or so, you have to take a break because you don’t have the muscle strength of a hunky guy from Vampire Diaries (yes Emma and Hayley that was for your benefit). During the walk we switched bags several times to give each other breaks from pulling along the suitcase filled with books. All I can do is pity that poor poor suitcase. By the time we were about half way there, the wheels had almost entirely given in to the weight of all the stuff. In all fairness to us, those wheels are not suited to carry the weight of the goods that you could fit into luggage of that size. I was actually surprised that one of the wheels didn’t completely break off! Finally we were only a block away from her place and as always there were quite a few people hanging out outside her dorm, which gave us a sliver of hope that someone might come to our rescue for the remaining steps of our journey. When we discovered that was a lost cause, we pulled our strength together and made two trips to get the bags to the door. For the remaining trip to the storage unit, we took a box on wheels instead, which came with its own struggles but was way easier to manage. Favorite quote of the day was from the gentleman who said “I’m gonna take your driver’s license away ha ha” as we were wheeling the huge cardboard box down the side-walk. Conclusion of the story, that suitcase is due for retirement.


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